CSFC Trading Policy

Cancellation Policy:
If you enrol and pay for a fishing competition, or other club event and then decide to pull out partway through (for any reason), no makeup competition or refund will be offered.

Refund Policy:
Refunds are given only at the discretion of the club committee. Any request for a refund must be made in writing and sent to CSFC@hotmail.co.nz

A refund or credit may be issued for injury or severe illness if applied for in writing prior to the competition/course or event commencing. Any refund application must be accompanied by a valid medical certificate from your registered medical practitioner. If a refund is granted by the committee at their meeting in a given month, then the refund will be paid out between 20th and the last day of the following month.

Returns Policy:
If merchandise is faulty then we will refund or provide credit so long as you can produce your receipt or proof of purchase. Any refunds will be paid out between 20th and the last day of the following month. If you have purchased merchandise and then decide to return it, it must be in its original condition prior to sale along with your purchase receipt.

Please note that:
• If the merchandise has been used, is dirty or is damaged in any way we will not accept it back, and will not provide a refund.

• For hygiene reasons no refunds can be given on clothing merchandise unless it is returned due to a manufacturing defect.

Delivery Times:
all delivery times for merchandise will be A.S.A.P

All Prices Quoted by Counties Sport Fishing Club are In NZ $$

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